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A fiery concoction of hot sauce, chili peppers and spices.

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PMP Warrior

Sweet and spicy blend of red jalapeno sauce and honey.

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Honey Hot

Louisiana inspired blend of hot sauce, honey and brown sugar.

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Spicy Garlic

A garlicky hot dipping and grilling sauce.

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Dirty Birds Dipping and Grilling Sauces bring friends and family together forΒ backyard BBQs, birthday parties & every celebration in between.


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Dirty Birds brand was launched to bring to San Diego what was lacking…. A truly good wing spot that focuses on sports and high fives! Now the entire world can enjoy a piece of San Diego's finest!

Sauces Available Only at Dirty Birds Locations

Flaming Honey Mustard

A mouthwatering, flaming heat that is best on wings, ribs, as a dip for your chicken tenders and veggies, or drizzled on your favorite salad!

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Dirty Ranch

Classic Buffalo and Creamy Ranch come together to give the perfect balance of cool then heat.

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See what our customers are saying


The spicy garlic had a delicious kick!

Deanne L.

Definitely ordering the chicken tenders tossed in Diablo AGAIN!! All time favorite and dang don’t get me started on the Dirty Ranch tater tots!!

Junior H.

Dirty Ranch wings are amazing!

Hank M.

I tried quite a few, but the one that I can not get over is their PMP Warrior Wing, which is a mix of Sriracha and light amber honey. If you love spicy with a little sweetness, this is the flavor to choose!

Gina S.

Literally the best wings I've ever had hands down. A plethora of flavors, and aside from the wings the variety of other entrees that are available will peak your interest too like the dirty ranch chicken sandwich or tater tots are amazing!

Brandon L.

Best wings, and with the most options anywhere, hands down. Nothing else comes close. I lived in SD for four years and every time I'm back to visit I come here at least once. My favorite are the naked flats, extra crispy, with spicy garlic sauce on the side.

Joshua E.

The Flaming Honey Mustard is a MUST and my favorite flavor! It has a nice kick but isn’t too spicy.

Christine V.

Diablo has a unique, spicy taste and is super delicious!

Gina S.

Bomb ass wings on any given day. I love their Flaming Honey Mustard with a passion.

Hai N.